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Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya High School



Koshigaya High School is a Saitama prefectural school composed of the most talented young students and dedicated teachers and staff.  It is located in the center of Koshigaya City, within a walking distance of Koshigaya Station.

Koshigaya High School was founded in 1926, and it has the longest high school history in Koshigaya.  The school has two courses, full-time curriculum and part-time curriculum. 

The full-time school has just over a thousand students and offers classes 10-12 graders.  The part-time school has a bit more than two hundred students, whose ages are different depending on their various family background.  It is open in the evening.

Koshigaya City

Koshigaya City


Koshigaya is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city was founded on November 3, 1958.  As of 2014, the city has an estimated population of 333,331 and a population density of 5,527 persons per km².  The total area is 60.31 km².  Koshigaya is served by two train lines: the Tobu Skytree Line and the JR Musashino Line. These two lines intersect at Minami-Koshigaya Station and Shin-Koshigaya Station, which are located close to each other.






Report on Koshigaya High School

I am very pleased to report my impressions on your students. So far,
 I went to Koshigaya 3 times and I taught English to 4 deferent groups.
Student’s proficiency
Most of the pupils at Koshigaya High School seem very familiar with the basic patterns of English communication. They also seem to understand instructions conveyed in English most of the time. I noticed that every group has positive leaders who are eager to answer or to give examples of what teachers are asking during the lesson. Sometimes it can be difficult for them to understand explanations that involve particular grammar points but I always try to add examples while rephrasing in simpler terms to make sure that the different parts of the lesson are understood. I believe it is fortunate that your students are not at the same level within their groups. It makes pair work and team work effective since weaker pupils are helped by stronger ones while the teachers are circulating to give support and additional explanations during the main activity.
Lessons plan
The length of a single lesson is slightly longer than what I am used to at Urawa Higashi. I believe that is why teachers can spend more time to analyze a particular component of English language with their classes. This is fortunate since students have more time to understand what they do before putting it into practice during the last 20 minutes of a lesson. So far I never ran out of time during a lesson and students were always able to assess each other. I appreciate that the teachers plan their lessons in order to make them relevant but also fun and appealing for the students.
English Club
I had the occasion to meet with some of the students of the English Club during my second day. I was glad to see that some of them want to learn English to study abroad. They all had different interests in learning English and I was able to chat with them in a genuine way. I plan to attend the club every week so students will have a better understanding of Canada and other English countries.
Marc-Andre Laforest, October 6th 2014